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Visiting Japan: Gaijin’s View, Part 2

This is a sequel to my previous post Visiting Japan: Gaijin’s View‎.


People are talking, signs and other writings are containing lot of information, and you have now idea what it means. This is how I felt most of the time in Japan. In my opinion, there are some similarities between pronunciation of Japanese and Finnish, and it wasn’t too hard to hear what people were saying – understanding was the difficult part. Even though I can’t have a fluent communication – or any kind of longer dialog – in Japanese, I was happy to notice that I understood some words here and there in the middle of sentences. With the context, it was sometimes possible to get the idea of a conversation. Read more…


Visiting Japan: Gaijin’s View


Few weeks ago I travelled to Japan for the first time and it was also my first time visiting Asia. Actually, it was the first time I’ve entered any country east of Finland. I knew I would face a culture that is totally different from the one I’m living in — or from any culture I’ve ever experienced before. Most visible differences would be language, food, people and their behavior, just to mention few. Since I would land in Tokyo and probably spend most of the time there, I was definitely expecting huge masses of people, starting from the airport. Read more…

Book review: Eat, Pray, Love


When I started the first few chapters of the book, “Eat, Pray, Love”, I honestly thought “Man, I can’t take it. This is too depressing!” It was in a train in Tokyo on a rainy day. With the gloomy sky and stinky train with high humidity, it was probably not the best place to read about a woman going through the toughest time of her life. I closed the book and avoided her for a few months.

However, I finally got a chance to travel the world with this wonderful woman, Elizabeth Gilbert. In fact, I am inspired by her a lot and love the way she enjoys her life. As many of you know from Julia Robert’s movie (which I haven’t seen yet…), Gilbert, the author of this book, lives three countries – Italy, India, and Indonesia – in a year to find the right balance of her life.

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I know I’ve been abroad too long when…

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In my previous post, I wrote that I was becoming more and more Japanese. But wait a minute; I’ve been in Japan only for two months, after spending more than four years abroad. Of course, I am not yet fully readjusted to Japanese life! I am still in the midst of reverse culture shock, and here are some moments that I particularly feel it…

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Moments I feel I’m becoming Japanese…

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It’s been a little more than two months since I came back to Japan, after living abroad for four years. Without having much time to sink into the feeling of being back home, I moved to Tokyo and have been adjusting to the culture here. Although I am still in the midst of reverse culture shock, I feel that I am becoming more Japanese day by day. I wanted to share top 3 moments that I feel I’m becoming more Japanese…

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What the Japanese know about cooking


Do you like food? Are you interested in Japan and its unique habits? If you said check twice in your mind, it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit lazy reader like I am. I have a book you would probably read from cover to cover in a record time and enjoy it all the way. In most culinarily rich countries, it is common to think that their own cuisine is extraordinary and the only important one on our planet. This kind of argument between two food professionals was one of the reasons for this book to be born. Read more…

iPhone, you made me late… almost


Alarm clocks have existed for ages and mobile phones are not the latest invention either. Also, mobile phones have been smart enough to have an alarm functionality before they were called smartphones, and yet it doesn’t seem to be too simple to implement a good one. If you have followed news about iPhone, you’ve probably learned that users in New Zealand had problems in September when they switched to daylight saving time and iPhone got confused when to go off. Read more…